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Manufacturing Process of Action Figure: Making 3D Samples

LongPack Toys is an OEM toy manufacturer assisting independent toy designers to make all their fabulous ideas come true. Our friendly staff has years of experience in assisting our customers to produce and customize their desirable intellectual machines. We have extensive experience and leading technology in manufacturing action figure. As for the manufacturing process of the action figure in our production process of action figure in LongPack Toys, the first step is modifying the design drawings. In the previous article we introduced the first step. So It’s time to move things along in our production process with creating 3D samples as our second step.

We are working on the 3D samples for your favorite action figures to make sure that we create the right product and ensure that it’s exactly what you envision. Our team shall be providing 3D samples to confirm size, appearance and details in action figures. This is also done after modifying the design, to prepare for the later stage to do the replica board.

Check out how the second production process of action figure at LongPack Toys looks like below!

Action Figure