Who are LongPack Toys

LongPack Toys is a high-quality toy manufacturer with extensive experience and a focus on customer satisfaction and care. Located in Shanghai, China, with three sales teams in Europe, and one in the USA. Exporting to over 30 countries, LongPack Toys is a toy manufacturer owned by LongPack Ltd. Specializing in plastic and wooden materials.

Equipped with a strong western-oriented team, LongPack Toys possesses tremendous technical and sourcing abilities for high-quality of toys and components. Our dedicated team will help you find the perfect combination of quality, cost, and efficient service delivery.

At LongPack Toys, we are concerned with what concerns you and strive to be your preferred partner for any toys-related business.

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Slawomir Czuba

Slawomir is our expert in printing, games, and toy manufacturing. With extensive knowledge in designing, developing, and producing Games & Toys, Slawomir ensures top-notch quality in every project. Having worked as a project manager, he is well-versed in procedures and project execution. His expertise extends to marketing and business development, making Slawomir an invaluable asset in creating unique and finely crafted toys for our clients. Join us in exploring the fascinating world of toy customization with Slawomir and the dedicated team at LongPack!


Hester Zhou

Joining us in early 2021, Hester has become an integral part of our team. Surprised by the myriad possibilities within our company, she quickly adapted and learned the art of crafting not just board games but a variety of customized toys. Hester excels in finding creative solutions for clients worldwide. She brings a fresh perspective to toy customization, ensuring that each client receives personalized and innovative solutions tailored to their needs. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities with Hester and the LongPack team! 

Shelly Chen

Shelly received the B.S. degree in International Economics and Trade from Zhejiang Normal University, Zhejiang, China, in 2012.She is an account manager in LongPack Toys since Sep.2021. Her experience in multi-socket industry makes her considerate. Her motto is “There is nothing best but better.”, which always inspire her to make every effort to help customers from every aspect.

Louisa Liu

Meet Louisa, our seasoned toy customization expert at LongPack Toys! With 20 years of sales experience and especially a deep understanding of wood and nursery products, Louisa is your go-to guide for creating uniquely designed toys. Her positive mindset, proactive approach, and adorable personality make the customization journey enjoyable. Let Louisa be your trusted partner in turning your toy customization dreams into reality.

Lilian Lin

Lilian is our passionate multilingual Business Development Specialist at LongPack Toys! With over a decade of experience in communications across multicultural contexts, Lilian is dedicated to understanding clients’ needs and providing exceptional assistance. Renowned for extraordinary people skills, she is your key ally in navigating the world of toy customization.