About LongPack Toys

LongPack Toys are a high quality toy manufacturer with extensive experience and a focus on customer satisfaction and care.


ho are LongPack Toys

Located in Shanghai, China, with three sales teams in Europe, and one in USA. Exporting to over 30 countries, LongPack Toys is a toy manufacturer owned by LongPack Ltd. Specializing in plastic and wooden materials.

Equipped with a strong western-oriented team, LongPack Toys possesses tremendous technical and sourcing abilities for high quality of toys and components. Our dedicated team will help you find the perfect combination of quality, cost and efficient service delivery.

At LongPack Toys, we are concerned with what concerns you, and strive to be your preferred partner for any and all toys related business.


ason McCracken

The United States


Jason McCracken is an avid Geek Culture Liaison. Constantly networking and socializing, he always finds himself on the inside of new projects and events and is always ready to lend a hand or idea. He has been called the Bard on many occasions with his unending smile, charisma, and social engineering skills, but he fits the modern day “Witcher” role better. Jason is passionate about the world of Tea, rock climbing, TTRPGs, Horror, and Physics.


an Cotrupe

The United States

Eau Claire

Dan is the LongPack business development manager from the chilly Midwest! He’s a passionate creative that draws on many years of product design and marketing to ensure clients are creating and presenting the most appealing products possible with optimized practical concerns. Dan loves all things miniatures, narrative gaming, and social and carries those loves into all aspects of his home and work life.



téphane Gallani




Stéphane has an excellent competence in business development and customer relations. He also has extensive knowledge of the French and Belgian game retail networks, publishers and distributors.


lawomir Czuba


Gdynia, Pomorskie

Slawomir has professional knowledge in printing and board game manufacturing, familiar with miniature manufacturing. He has knowledge in game design – on all levels, development and pre-production, quality control. Furthemore, he worked as a PM, familiar with procedures and how to run a project. He has some knowledge in Marketing and Business Development as well.


ester Zhou



Hester joined LongPack in early 2021 and was surprised to find so many great things in the company. She learned how to make board games also finding different board game solutions for many clients around the world.


helly Chen



Shelly received the B.S. degree in International Economics and Trade from Zhejiang Normal University, Zhejiang, China, in 2012.She is an account manager in LongPack Toys since Sep.2021. Her experience in multi-socket industry makes her considerate. Her motto is “There is nothing best but better.”, which always inspire her to make every effort to help customers from every aspect.


ophia Ding



Sophia Ding joined LongPack as a member of the Shanghai sales team in September 2021. Sophia has experience in working on projects. She is good at breaking down tasks, understanding customer needs, and bringing customer concepts into fruition.  With focus on customer services and professional expertise, Sophia is always ready to help and get you results.