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We know that throughout the toy-making journey, you will need comprehensive resources to make sure that your dream toy shine. We provide free and professional guidelines here for you to follow the steps.

IP Protection Guide

Before you decide to make a dream toy, it’s extremely important to keep your unique ideas safe and to make sure that no one will duplicate your success and sell your ideas as their own.

There are answers to the questions ‘How to Protect Your Intellectual Property (IP)’, especially for Intellectual Property Dispute in China, take a look at what you need to know! It’s easier than you think!


1. What types of toys can you manufacture for me?

Challenge is accepted! We would like to hear your amazing ideas, and our team will endeavor to find out the perfect solution for you. With a well-trained and highly experienced team, we have successfully manufactured TOYS including STEM toys, figure toys, plastic, and magnetic toys.

2. How long does it take to manufacture my toys?

Generally speaking, the production timeline is as follows:

3D Prototype – 1 week
Molding & Sample – 4 weeks
Manufacturing – 8~10 weeks
Shipping – 1 week
Please note that every project is customized so that the timeline might be different from others.

3. Do you have sculpt?

Yes, we can offer the service. We have 3D designers to transfer illustrations into 3D files and make sure it’s as close to your 2D artwork as possible. The price of the 3D design will list clearly on the quotation list if you need this service.

4. What’s your MOQ?

Figure Toys 500 Pcs
STEAM Toys Case by case
Plastic toys 500 Pcs
Puzzle 1,000 Pcs

5. Can you provide samples?

Sure! And we believe you will be satisfied by the good quality of the toys!

6. How do you usually deal with faulty products?

We will confirm each detail of the project with clients at all stages, sending samples on the pre-production and production stages. Mass-production only begins when the client approves the final toy samples. We love toys as the clients do, so we care about every detail as well

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