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Manufacturing Process of Action Figure: Moulding

LongPack Toys is an OEM toy manufacturer assisting independent toy designers to make all their fabulous ideas come true. Our friendly staff has years of experience in assisting our customers to produce and customize their desirable intellectual machines. We have extensive experience and leading technology in manufacturing action figures. Last week, we introduced the second step in our production process, which is to create 3D samples. So what do we do next in the third step? That’s right up to our moulding stage.

Moulding our action figures is like putting together a puzzle. With the help of our awesome team and state-of-the-art technology, everything becomes possible. We start with a row of touch planning, making rows according to actual dismantling, color and quantity. Then making cast steel moulds, purchasing mould frames, assembling the mould, then testing the mould itself to see if we were able to meet your design needs. Here’s a peek at how LongPack Toys turns your idea to reality.

action figure